Always Never is an RnB duo from Toronto, Canada. The duo met in early 2015 while they were still living in separate cities in Canada. Dean (producer) reached out to Patrick (singer) after discovering him on YouTube and the two began working on a collaboration called “Tragedy” that ultimately became their debut single. After the song garnered millions of plays they decided to keep writing together and form the duo, Always Never. Dean then moved to downtown Toronto where he and Patrick now live together.

The Always Never project – and the origin of the duo’s name – centres around the theme of contradiction, which is reflected in their songwriting. They draw inspiration from real life experiences, particularly relationships – especially when those in relationships let you down. People who are Always, yet Never, there.

They released their debut self-titled album on August 24, 2018 featuring 14 songs. The album was premiered by Complex. Their debut music video followed shortly after. The duo garnered further attention when Khloe Kardashian played their song ‘Know This’ on her instagram story.